• Tyronza DeVonta' Hicks

The 'Beast' Within

It's been a minute since I've actually gotten on here and typed some shit out because everything right now has been moving 'steadfast'. Like Ion know where I'm headed but I know it's gone be greatness but the uncertainty, the outside & inside voices and the feeling of not doing what I want has created a beast that I had to be unmasked. A beast that has grown up from the settle days of closed mouths to whiplashing tongues. A beast that has seen and gone through many challenges but always makes it look easy because you have people watching and you don't wanna let em see you sweat. A beast that has transcended into a realm not too many are educated about but continues to shake, bake and cross-over anybody who doubts his ability. Shit, the beast has doubted his own ability. His ability to see past the naysayers, the haters, the wanna-be-down mutherfuckas that really just want you for ya clout because THEY COULD NEVA BE... A BEAST. A beast on the mic when I hit that record button and all else fades away because I then become apart of my element. A beast who continues his unconventionality in his career to show and exude that you can be what you dreamed & what you've seen. A beast who has been bruised, hurt, cut, misused, misguided and still continues to show empathy, love, and compassion. Don't get it twisted though bruh...this beast is solid in his and will fuck you up over his shit. Tupac said it best, 'I ain't a killa but don't push me'.

No hard feelings, seriously, I'm just sensitive about my SHIT! Created from ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Now, look. Pause. and take a second. Did you ever think you would be this good? Get this far? Nope. And I'm only just getting started cause The Beast has been quietly sleeping. Hibernation Season is OVER.



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