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Black Men Win W/ Tyronza Hicks

1. What is your name? Where are you are from? What do you do for a living? GAS YOURSELF! Let the people know who you are!

What’s going on family! My name is Tyronza DeVonta’ Hicks, born in Orlando, FL and raised in Detroit, MI. I am the proud owner of T.H.C.(TyronzaHicks&Co.) a media company in which I host my weekly podcast The Opinionated Bruhtha Podcast, and the writer for my blog, Devonta’s World. I received my bachelor’s degree in Communications Studies from Grand Valley State University and currently about to graduate with my Master’s in Communications in April. Yes, Black Men graduateas well. Entrepreneur. Podcaster. Blogger. I’m just a young media mogul in the making.

2. Do you believe that as black men, do we support each other ‘enough’. Spiritually. Emotionally. Mentally. Physically. Financially.

I believe that we as black men have made strives to become healthier in our relationships. Especially now that we are in 2020, we can take a step back and look at various black men who have tried to change the narrative about how and what black male support looks like. I believe that we still have a long way to go in all of these areas, however, I feel that we are on the right track to becoming more supportive in all of these areas for our brothers. We have to challenge ourselves and continue support our one another, flaws and all.

3. Do we continue to let our generational curses in our community of black men hinder us for experiencing and realizing our true potential?

This is kind of a yes and no type of an answer. Black society has deep rooted generational curses that continue to hinder most to, if not all of us, especially the black male. How we should dress, how we should act, who we date, where we come from, etc. Movies, television, the news, our environments

even, have cemented deep rooted implications and ways that won’t change for some of our society as black men. However, this generation has begun to challenge the norm against a lot of the stereotypes and ‘set in stone’ ways that have continued to hinder us as a people and have created new generational lessons. I believe that some things have to and need to be un-learned, and then re-learned and THAT may continue to hinder our own potential individually and as a society. It’s not about disrespect, its more about learning, understanding, and respecting what worked and didn’t work in our past and creating our own traditions and lessons as growing black men.

4. What can we do better as black men, individually, to help improve our overall community for the next generations?

I call myself and people know me as an ‘Ol Soul’. 25 who literally who has like an Uncle, Pops type spirit. The OG’s of our generation have made it possible for me to even type these words and The Big OG knows that they have made their fair share of mistakes. The beauty in being in ol’ soul is that I love to absorb the information, stories and ‘fairy tales’ of the past because it gives me light about what I will and will not do as a black man myself. I think a lot of young black men are learning from our OG’s of the past and soaking in all the information and understanding how they want to move and make our society as black men better. It takes and time and a whole lot of patience, but I do believe that we are moving in the right direction. That allows for the generation below us to look, learn and understand from me and my generation of black men mistakes and accomplishments.

5. What does #BlackMenWin mean to you?

#BlackMenWin means my bruhthas are always winning no matter where you are in your life. I want Black Men, young or old, to understand that we are human as well and that no matter what is going in your life, keep striving for greatness. From barbers to lawyers. Doctors to Mechanics. Doesn’t matter. If you’re living in your purpose and walking your own path or even making the attempt to TRY!, your definitely apart of the #BlackMenWin Society. Love You Bruh.


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