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#BlackMenWin W/Eddie Connor Jr.

1. What is your name? Where are you are from? What do you do for a living? GAS YOURSELF! Let the people know who you are!

I'm Dr. Eddie Connor from Detroit, MI and Kingston, Jamaica. Much of my work is highlighted as an International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, College Professor, and Founder of the mentoring program Boys 2 Books.

2. Do you believe that as black men, do we support each other ‘enough’. Spiritually. Emotionally. Mentally. Physically. Financially.

I believe a new generation of black men are changing the negative narrative. The mindset that we’re better together is slowly but surely becoming the norm. I am beginning to see brothers build businesses, transform communities, and serve as mentors to other younger brothers together. The crabs-in-a-barrel mentality of competition is being channeled into collaboration. The aspects of vulnerability and toxic masculinity are being addressed. We are beginning to have more courageous conversations with each other. Of course we have our challenges. However, as we work through those challenges, it empowers us to become champions.

3. Do we continue to let our generational curses in our community of black men hinder us for experiencing and realizing our true potential?

If we refuse to heal then it will perpetuate into generational curses. How can you address what you won’t confess? As men, especially black men, we have been socially indoctrinated to conceal emotion and only reveal toughness. Much of it has festered into anger and angst that has plummeted us into pathological pain, rather than pushing us into our potential. Creating space for healing, valuing ourselves, and breaking the cycle will release within us that which is purposeful.

4. What can we do better as black men, individually, to help improve our overall community for the next generations?

Knowing that we’re better together is a breakthrough in itself. Also, taking the time to share our personal stories. The media has a distorted narrative that they intend on conveying about black men. We have to become our own media and tell our story. Beyond being an athlete, actor, rapper, or stereotype we must show that we are prototypes for success. More than a skewed view of ourselves, we must be proud to showcase that we are teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, community innovators, committed husbands and fathers. Our work doesn’t end by improving ourselves individually but it must reverberate collectively.

5. What does #BlackMenWin mean to you?

In my opinion, #BlackMenWin means to find breakthrough when life and systems created are designed to break you. When everything has set you up to lose, but you take the “L” and create a “W” out of it. Indeed that is true power. We are the leaders that we’ve been looking for, because we stand on the shoulders of giants from today and yesterday. We must discover our God-given gifts and strength. I personally beat the odds, by graduating from college. I beat the odds, by doing something good in my hood. I beat the odds, by becoming everything that people said I could never become. I beat the odds by overcoming and finding the can in CANcer. Is that not a prime example of #BlackMenWin?

Connect with Dr. Eddie Connor via www.EddieConnor.com and via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @EddieConnorJr




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