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#BlackMenWin W/ Maalik Falsetto

1. What is your name? Where are you are from? What do you do for a living? GAS YOURSELF! Let the people know who you are!

My name is Maalik McClinton ( Maalik Falsetto) and I'm from Chicago, IL. I am a Film and Television Producer and Photographer. I have my own production company, Falsetto Productions (www.maalikfalsetto.com). I just recently graduated with my Master Degree in Creative Producing from DePaul University. I am also a STEAM and CODING teacher for youth CPS students!

2. Do you believe that as black men, do we support each other ‘enough’. Spiritually. Emotionally. Mentally. Physically. Financially.

We need to do more! Especially for our black men that are faced with double or triple situations that are put up against them. Black men are seen to be strong and macho, and we are programmed to never show emotion, but once we start to admit that we need help and support, then we can start to help each other more!

3. Do we continue to let our generational curses in our community of black men hinder us for experiencing and realizing our true potential?

No, black men are strong and we can overcome ANYTHING that is in motion to make us fail. Being a black man over 25 and with 2 degrees, I have already “made it out” of the community that many people thought I’d never leave, and I know that other black men can too!

4. What can we do better as black men, individually, to help improve our overall community for the next generations?

First we need to stop think of ourselves as “Boss Niggas” and more as the kings that we are. Kings were created to run things and build strong foundations that are meant to stable a community. We need to become those Kings in our own households, relationships, business endeavors and communities. We also need to start creating our own opportunities. Stop complaining about a system that was created to make us fail but start building our own system that we know we will succeed at.

5. What does #BlackMenWin mean to you?

It means that we are winners, we are doing great things in our respective fields, we are mastering whatever crafts that we have and we are honing in on our gifts to make the world and our own lives better!




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