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#PoetrySundays Presents: "Vices"

I thought slavery was over but I'm chained to my vices

From one problem to the next, my life should be named "Crisis"

Money, misguided and fake love, leading to self-destruction

Feel my pupils expand, like I'm on the verge of becoming lifeless

I'm sick of being courteous and tired of being sick

Exhausted from games and I'm not a magician

I'm beyond the mirror and tricks

Beyond the river of stix

I beg to differ, them pricks

Stay on each other's dicks

Onto the next "Get Rich Quick" scheme for another fix

Trying to find myself outside of my DNA

My dean told me to close my eyes

Get on my knees and pray

Don't worry about the needs of today

To become one with God and speak the feelings I need to convey

Like the regret I have from letting lust lead me astray

The guy I am today, if my friends ask if I'm OK

I just look in their eyes and just tell them

"I'm straight"

Like Kanye did when he tells his fans he'll be late

That's all it is though, ain't no way I can relate

I'm just trying to keep track of the guy I am to date

Before I find myself turning into the guy I used to hate

A self-attacking loser, defeated by his anxiety

Crippled by his fears and shackled by society

When life threw Hail Mary, he just stood there silently

Waiting for the door to close for his 5 seconds of privacy

If you asked 10 years ago if my life would be like this,

I’d have no choice but to be honest and tell you:

“I’m a slave to my vices, a devil trying to be righteous”



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