• Ricke Marie

#PoetrySundays Presents: “We live in a World”

-We live in a world where our melanin skin is not looked at as beautiful but terrifying to live in.

-Where we as "Americans" can't even turn to those who took an oath to Protect and to Serve, to serve us.

- Where the justice system means "JUST US" as in White Privilege, and we don't fit that description.

-Where we have to turn to our sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, cousins, and tell them

~no you cannot wear a hoodie no matter how cold it is ~you cannot put your turning single on to get out of the way ~you cannot stand outside of a store and sale absolutely anything ~you cannot reach for your license and registration after given an order to do so

-you cannot put your hands up as a form to surrender And most importantly

-no you cannot breathe

-Because we live in a world where BlackLivesMatter is turned into AllLivesMatter and AllLivesMatter is turned into.... the only lives that matter are those in blue suits

. -And we know that the law will protect those in blue suit but it won't protect me and it won't protect you.



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