• Shawntelle

#PoetrySundays Presents: 'Tired'


Tired of feeling convenient and filling spaces that eventually eludes to crutches. I am that crutch.

The one you can come to if you need to confide in someone, the one you can emotionally depend on, the loyal one, the one

who makes you feel secure. The one who affirms you with my gift of discernment.


Tired of seeing “the potential” because the potential most often becomes situational.

I desire to be in a relationship, with goals of us being long-term but I can’t seem to shake pass familiar faces whose intentions are to “live in the moment”.

I love sex but I’m tired.

Tired of it being meaningless when my punani desires long lasting satisfaction with someone who sees my heart, us.

Someone who’s willing to take a chance, someone who wants to be my one and only.

The overflow of wetness says it’s yours and only yours can’t you see?

But I’m tired.

When did this become a cycle, only I can pull myself out by saying “no” but I’m tired of double standards.

I’m tired.

Tired of hoes being wives and wives being abnormal.

See, society says my beliefs are taboo because I still believe in real love, the kind of love that holds you accountable, that is understanding, graceful, merciful, Gods love.

A man and woman’s convenant is a reflection of how He views me.

But I’m tired.

Tired of waiting, tired of the same thing. I would rather be by myself until someone sees me, like my first love (GOD).



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