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#BlackMenWin w/Blair Ellison

What is your name? Where are you are from? What do you do for a living? GAS YOURSELF! Let the people know who you are!

My name is Blair Ellison. I was born in Detroit, MI and currently live in Southfield, MI. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from Michigan State University (GO GREEN!!) in Media and Communication Technology and a Master’s Degree from University of Detroit Mercy in Computer and Information Systems. I currently work full time as an IT Consultant and Graphic Designer. I am also a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated.

Do you believe that as black men, we support each other ‘enough’? Spiritually. Emotionally. Mentally. Physically. Financially.

As black men, I think we support each other in these capacities, but, we could DEFINITELY do better. I think it’s because coming up, we were taught to be strong, stand on our own two feet, and not have to ask for anything. Now that we are seeing that it is ok to say “Hey, my brother, I need you”, it’s different for us and we don’t really know how to receive it. It’s a slow process but we have definitely made progress.

Do we continue to let our generational curses in our community of black men hinder us for experiencing and realizing our true potential?

I think that we have let generational curses hinder us, but, I also think that millennials are breaking those curses. This generation is different to say the least. We are making it a point to go against the rules of society and it is creating what we see today. I know a ton of people my age with their own businesses and not relying on a 9-5 for income. That in itself is breaking a generational curse because our elders used to rely solely on those 9-5 incomes because they could. With the way the job market is now, a lot of us feel like we have no other choice but to bet on ourselves. This is not to say that 9-5 jobs are bad. But I think our generations mindset is like “Why not?” with a lot of things and the result of that is what you see now.

What can we do better as black men, individually, to help improve our overall community for the next generations?

SERVE! We have to be less selfish and more selfless. Feed into the generation that is coming after you because they are going to be the ones to carry our legacy after we are gone or can’t anymore. Just pour into the youth as best as we can. We have to prepare them to go into a world that owes us nothing and doesn’t always care about us as black men. We do this by equipping them with the tools that they need (knowledge, trades, etc) to be successful on their own.

What does #BlackMenWin mean to you?

To me, #BlackMenWin means that we are a force. It is so refreshing to see my fellow black man excelling in their fields especially when the fields are so different. I have friends and Brothers that are excelling in so many fields and I love to see them post a new status or see a text about a goal they have achieved or a new venture that they are going to try. That allows me to cheer them on but it also motivates me to stay on my toes and do work because I want to keep up with my people. It’s also dope too because there is no envy and to me, I’m

thinking in my head “Bet! I have a resource to go to just in case I need help or just a sounding block concerning this subject”. So now we ALL win. This also helps it come full circle because now, we can pour it all into the youth so now we will have MULTIPLE generations of black men winning.




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