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#BlackMenWin: It's importance to the Culture

Through my life (so far) I've experience a few things. Seen a few things. Studied a few things. Learned a few things. Still having much to learn about my community, my people, my country, my-self. With each moment of learning and discovering new spaces, places and people I can't help this wonder that has continued to plague me for so long: Why don't we as Black Men support each other 'enough'? Hear me out because in our culture right now I will say that there are a great number of black men, young and matured, that continue to spread positvilty, strength, and love to our fellow black men. I've always tried to be one of those men who does his best to support my fellow black man, however, we as black men still suffer from a lack of support . Mentally. Emtionally. Spirtually. Phyiscally.

All black men are not the same. ALL BLACK MEN ARE NOT THE SAME. But before anybody believes that statement, WE as black men have to believe that. Not just in our occupations or our organizations, but in our personalities, our sexual orientation, our family dynamics, etc. We are different in our own stories and paths, however, what I'm learning walking through this world is that different is good and we as a black male community better get aboard the train. I've been different ever since I was given the name TY-RON-ZA and in that, I had find what was unqiue about me. We are not what the media portays on your instagram feed or the nightly news or just some hashtag. We are Kings. We are more than what we may individually think of us and what the world thinks of us.

That is why #BlackMenWin is so important not just to me, but to the culture. This series will feature black men from ALL backgrounds that will showcase and shed light on our black men who continue to strive for greatness, looking past the limitations that they may have set on themselves and the ones from outside forces. Those that continue to show true love and support to our young black boys and young men pushing them to be more than just a 'basketball', 'football', or a 'Mic'. Insipring them to look past the status quo so they see themselves as entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors, lawyers, therpists, social workers, etc. We have to break these generational curses my bruhthas because it doesn't matter where you're from, how light or dark you are, what set you reppin or what education you have. They killing us family. Seriously.




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