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Wow. It has been a minute since I have been here, writing again. However, I felt that it was time to get back into what started my company in the first place. Blogging. But enough of the sad music and tears rolling down because this is a happy time! Ya boy had to take some time and get his finances in order so I could get this traveling thing off the ground man. First off, let me give a quick S/o to my bruhtha Patrick for allowing me the opportunity to come on this trip with you for your birthday bro. Love. And second, S/o to both Cordell and Patrick for the being the best 'managers' I guy could ask for lmao! Cause when I tell, when we experienced New York, WE EXPERIENCED NEW YORK!

We flew in through Laguardia Airport in Queens and mind you, this our first time being in New York, Period. If it wasn't for Pat's friend DJ(S/o to you big homie), we would have been walking around with our bags for 7 hours straight. Our airbnb was in Jersey City and we couldn't check in until 4, so we put our bags down and started our tour around the Big Apple. We first walked the Brooklyn Bridge which was nice long walk, but the experience of it was breath taking. Brooklyn, let me tell ya something, y'all beauty supplies, SLAP. Ladies, if haven't been to Brooklyn or NY, you would have a field day in those beauty supplies. Especially my queens from the #313, ya heard me.

For me, New York has always been the biggest city in the world (next to Dubai) and no matter what movie, TV show, or music video I saw or listen too, New York always had something to do with it. So this trip for me was more than my bros bday vacay, but a true experience. Time Square was something, Magical. For me it was like being in the center of the universe and you look up and all see is bright lights everywhere. People honking horns left and right, our Uber and Lyft drivers damn near about to die in traffic and our hearts in fear lmao, man it was really like living a dream. We walked around Times Square and we visited the M&M Factory, The Museum of Sex, F 21, The Sugar Factory..literally everywhere. The food...bruh. Bruh. BRUH!. S/o to Westway Diner, the breakfast SLAPPED. Factory. No Cap.

Now, when I said the bruhthas were my managers I really do mean it lol. When we went out for the night, I was the main attraction do ya hear me? Friday night we went in Bushwick and turnt Loft 45 all the way and literally people wanted to take pics with me. I didn't know them but obviously they knew me lol. Saturday we went over to Chinatown and boyyyy, they got ERRRTHANG. Enough said. That night we went out to brunch at this dope spot called Woodland in Brooklyn(S/o to Roomboom & Myna).

Saturday was our last night in New York, so honestly we had to turn up. We went over to Spanish Harlem and checked out Lucky 7 and mannnnnnnn. Again, let me S/o DJ, Ro, and all the bruhthas that looked out for us at the club because they treated with so much hospitality that we felt like rock stars. Women and Men were plotting on me the ENITRE WEEKEND. NO CAP. Hennessy, Bel-Air, Chardonnay, you name it my stomach consumed it. People either thought I was from New York or from the DR. Our last night was magical, truly epic.

New York, thank you so much for

showing me a wonderful time. It was super amazing and I will be back again. I promise. Stay Breezy!



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