• Tyronza DeVonta' Hicks

A Season Of ‘New’

2018 is flying by us so fast to the point where I can hardly remember what the hell I did in June or July 😂😂, hell even August so far. YIKES. However, in the midst of all of this ‘road runner’ like time, I can’t stop thinking about how much 2018, this summer in particular has become probably one of the best summers I’ve had in a while.

Now this past summer did literally fly by, I mean we went straight into May, we blink twice and the next thing ya know BOOM school is starting up again. This summer was a season of Growth, Patience, Obedience and Financial humbleness. Whew, that’s a lot right?? Looking back at it though, not really. Seeing how much the BIG OG has sharpened me over this season has been 🤯🤯🤯🤯 to say the least but with the trails, tribulations & obstacles I had to face, I conquered them and the things I couldn’t control I gave it to him. I’ve gained so much NEW that sometimes I forget to appreciate it in all of its wacky, weird and funky ways that have in more ways that I give credit for, matured me so much.

I’m excited for the last stretch of 2018 and all it has in store for me going forward going into this new Season. So what did you take away from your Summer 2018? Cause if you didn’t know, I’ve been livin’ my best life all 2K-all my life. And I ain’t going back and forth you NIGGAS! SMILE BITCH! 😁😁😁😁



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