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Stop Playin Victim...Take Responsibility

Whew Guys, it’s been about two weeks since I last wrote to y’all and for that, I do apologize. My world has moving a mile a minute with work, school starting in less than 2 weeks and my podcast doing so great that I sometimes forget about my readers too 😩😩. Anywho, throughout these two weeks though I’ve been taking the time to understand my flaws and weaknesses and I couldn’t help but to remember one huge weakness that used to have me in a knot, playing the victim and not taking responsibility for my actions.

Oh stop it now😐, y’all know y’all have played the victim once or 5 times. Blaming everyone for your short-comings, missed blessings and snatched dreams. Yeah I’ve been there, trust me. But have you ever stopped and looked in the mirror and starred at yourself? Or is the person you’re looking at too much to handle because you don’t want to face your own consequences?? Either way, shit happens and when they happen I’ve learned to take responsibility for the parts I’ve played in various situations of my life. We are so quick to blame the other person and when a TRUE friend gives you a good honesty check, you don’t want to hear it 😶 because ‘you’re always right’.

Let me be frank with really quick, it’s our fault too. 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭 Yes, I said it and if it stung a little bit then I’m talking to you. Blaming others and not taking responsibility for your actions is not the correct way to heal or move on. You’re going see blessings missed, friendships lost and relationships torn because of this unacknowledgment of your own actions. Trust me it’s a hard pill to swallow however, it elevates your maturity and grows you in such a powerful way. I know that it maybe easier said than done but just try..

Try to understand both side of coin and see where you messed up or where you went wrong in that particular situation...OWN IT💯💯...and move forward. Harping on it and not forgiving yourself will drive you into a dark space and I don’t want that because I’ve been there.

Learn to take responsibility for your own actions...own it..and continue to keep pushing forward 💯💯💯...trust me playin victim all the time ain’t cute😐😶.



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