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As this summer is swiftly rolling itself out our lives, I’m staring to get scared for what is lying beyond. Ok, now don’t act like your not scared or nervous even the slightest for what’s around the corner and what awaits us.

The BIG OG has really been doing some work on ya boy and I’m starting to realize that the mentors and friends that I have looked up to are going through some heavy times while continuing to push themselves past there limitations. During my times of struggle and trails(still happening), they were in place and space to push me and guide me through my test. It was is my turn to do the same and in that realizing that my strong friends have made me into even more of a stronger friend.

Being a ‘friend’ to someone isn’t just the instagram vacation pictures or the Snapchat club videos. It’s always about being able to elevate your the other person, being there when they need a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. Being able to them when there wrong and never giving up on them. The word ‘Friend’ is a now lose term that is used very freely, so I consider this: Are the people around you that you call ‘friends’ pushing you to grow and vise-versa.

Friends nowadays aren’t too common and strong friends, well they are very hard find. Having my group of friends who are strong individuals continuously are strong friends for me and vise-versa. So appreciate the people around you who continue to care, love and elevate you and that push you to become a better person. We all have separate paths of trails, tribulation and hardships however sharing the bond with the people that mean the most to you makes the ride a lot less rough 😂



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