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Heller Everyone! Man, a week feels so long when a bruhtha is working all week fusho! I have literally been trying to catch up on some sleep but I just thank my BIG OG above that he has blessed me with two new job positions that I enjoy! So Listen..you know we have to talk again and uhhhhh, I got have to give a little advice for some of yall(myself included)! So let make ask the question: How often fo you pray and how specfifc do yo get when you do pray?

I ask this question because I seen a post of my Facebook TL(S/o to Shararad) that caught my attention, so I felt the need to write about this in relation to how we pray. The post said, "Ladies, Stop praying for a husband and get upset when a married man jump in your inbox. Stop confusing God. #MakeUpYaMind". LMFAO, yall when I read this I literally cried tears and screamed at the same time. So then I checked the comments section because even though my commentary comes every week(The Opinionated Bruhtha Podcast), I love engaging in the Tom-Foolery! So most of the comments were very negative towards the post and I felt that some people were a lil blind that this post went over there head like a home run.

So let me break the post down: When a man/woman prays and ask the BIG OG, "Lord, please send a busband/wife?" do we not understand that he answers ALL prayers? Let that sink in for a minute there. So when we get that answered prayer, why are so upset that the husband/wife that we prayed for belongs to someone else? Now, don't get twisted that husband/wife who decided to slide in your inbox or DM's is fully in the wrong as well. However, you're not the victim in the situation as well and here is why...

See the BIG OG or who ever your spiritual being that you pray too is our parent, just like our mother's and father's down here on earth. I know your parents have told you, "You gotta be more specific, what you want?" You don't think the same goes for God? You don't think he needs specifics when your praying and asking about your needs, wants, dreams and desires? AHHHHHH DUH! Praying and asking for 'A' husband/wife is totally different then praying and asking for 'YOUR' husband/wife. God is our father and just like any other parent, you cannot try to and short change him when it comes to communication. So don't get upset when you don't the husband/wife you wanted, the car, that house, that job, those friends, etc because your asked for you it and trust me you get what you pray for. God answers ALL PRAYERS, it's how you pray and communicate that will change how things enter into your kingdom. So be mindful of you pray for EVERYTHING in your life, be less generic and more specific when it comes to communicating and praying to the BIG OG!




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