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What are Three Words that speak to Who You Are?

Heller Everyone! We have made it through the May, in which I liked to call it the transitional month for me because I was starting over anew. Let us welcome June on in with open arms because listen... June is moving and moving fast! So I want to talk about three words that describe that sum up all of you, and I mean all of YOU. You know when you go for an interview or a meet-n-greet, one of the first questions they ask is: 'Can you describe yourself in three words'?

Now initially and honestly, I hated that question especially for where I am in my life right now because I feel as though I am still searching, elevating, and learning about who I am. However, the question sparked an interest to see if I could condense my whole being into three words and for about a little less than a year, I found those words.


I am an over-the-top individual and I have shame in saying that. I've said this plenty of times and I will say it again, I am different than men that I have come across. My personality is Fun, Loud, Spontaneous, Out-Going, Extra, Petty, Exuberant, its so many words that I used to describe me when it came to my overall personailty and how people perceived me. 'Animated' combined and morphed all of those words into one showing my peers, my listernes and fans that the 'box' society is trying to put you in is the not box set for to travel in. You're unique in various different way with a poppin' personailty to match and I felt that this was the first word to encompass the essence of Tyronza DeVonta Hicks.


Now, with that being said don't let my Animated personality foul you(twice for the people in the back). See alot of people who see you go off what they see from you walking into a room or what they have heard about you from others. For me, I love proving people wrong, I live for it because the judgement is so real in the beginning and when they find out who you really are then, people start to notice. Education for me has never been just about school and books, yes I have accquired my Bachelor in Liberal Arts & Sciences in Communication Studies and currently working on my Master's in Communications from Grand Valley State University. However, education for me was more outside of the classroom because for me being book smart and street smart are on the same level of knowledge. Being Educated is so important to me because Education itself doesn't just live at a four year accreditied university. Being Educated means learning, understanding and absorbing the knowledge from everywhere you walk, talk, breath, sleep, watch, listen, etc. One of the compentents to life is 'Life Long Learning'.


I.AM.A.BLACK.MAN. However, the word and definition for me runs deeper than people think for me personally. I continue to educate myself about my history, my ancestors, my lineage, etc and understanding the trails and tribulations that my people have and STILL go through not just in this country, but in the world. However, being Black in America in this day means that I have a certain type 'privilege' that other minorities don't have and being able to lift them up as well is also what being a Black for me means for me. Embracing and loving on my culture, calling out racial and social prejudice, and learning more about my community shapes that elements of being 'Black' for me in this world.

Animated, Educated & Black are the three words that set the tone and created this new foundation for me to continue to be unapologetically and authentically me. I definitely understand that some to most don't care too much and don't understand that, and that's perfectly fine. Understand that you have to do you for you, first! Understand who you are and that takes time, that's okay. It's not a race, it's a journey. So I challenge you this week to find two-three words that best describe you as a person. Write all the words down that come to mind and then narrow it down to about two-three that best show who you are.

Love Yall.




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