• Tyronza DeVonta' Hicks

What's on the Other side of #Fear?

Let's talk for a minute here guys....because I don't believe that alot of us (includng myself) truly understand the nature of Fear and how this one word changes the dymanic of our thought process, in how we go about making decisions in our lives and honeslty how we truly live our lives. There was a time where Fear stopped me from doing ALOT and when I mean alot...I mean ALOT! What I noticed early on about me was that I had a whole lot of Fear and not enough Faith, not only in the BigOG(God) but also in myself. When I say I was my biggest critic to the point where Fear turned encourgement for into disfunction.

Fear took away the Faith element out of my life for a while and I started doing things on my own being afraid of failure, dissapointment in myself and from others, not accomplishing all of my goals in the set time frame that I had planned for me. And see, I'm very hard-headed so the God truly acts like a father to me...NO SERIOUSLY. In fear of all of those things, I started to walk ahead of him without consulting with him about what my next steps were and where he wanted me to go. I was rushing my process so fast that Fear covered my Faith, which in turned cause me to lose even more! Man Fear is bihhh let me tell you.

The Gag was that I allowed Fear to shroud me in darkness, laziness, complacency, non-understanding of what the fuck was going on in my life. It came a point to where I had to stop and think, "Will I continue to be Fear's B**** or will I make Fear my B****?" When I decided to walk in Fear and start leaning HEAVILY on Faith, thats where things started to do a whole 360 degress. Right now as I write this, I can re-count in my head how times I have been so scared on taking a risk on myself i.e, this company, my blog, my podcast is the epitome of my Fear. However, it also has shown me and taught me what true Faith is. LISTEN.....Fear stops us from accomplishing our true desires and dreams and it seems that we always have the Faith to start something, but then become so afriad that we stop in mid-stride because of Fear. But what's on the other side of Fear??

ENDLESS POSSIBLITIES. When you start to counter-act Fear with Faith you find yourself flying and soaring, feeling free from chains of questioning yourself about the very thing that you were so afriad of doing. You hear yourself saying, "Wow, I really did it!" and then with every encounter you become more and more powerful knowing that not even FEAR can stop you from accomplishing you dreams. Trust me, the Fear is still there and it comes back harder and harder with every goal that you set for yourself and accomplish. I took a leap of Faith with this company, my blog, my podcast and there have times where I was so super scared to trust in myself to take the next step and leap. Here's my philosophy:

I would rather take this leap, soar through the sky knowing that something HUGE is coming then play it safe and continue to stand over the cliff, watching others soar and fly in there path and purpose. Take the risk, take the leap, lean on your Faith to guide you. You're going to have a few bumps, bruises and a lil turbulence along the way and that's okay. In the end, its going to be worth it and trust me it's easier said than done. Trust in yourself and believe that even in Fear, your Faith will get you through.




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