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Dont' Rush YOUR Process! PT2

Listen...this thing called life can be so hard to deal with, especially for those who are in my age group, who are working so hard to in their path and purpose and trying to figure everything out, know that I understand where you are and I know what your are going through. My last podcast episode, "Don't Rush YOUR Process" was mainly for the recent college grads, both in December and this season, to tell them and let them know that everything after graduation will be okay. The funny thing about the episode was that I realized after that I wasn't just talking to college grads but also to myself!

See, coming back to school was nothing short of blessing because I wanted to continue elevating in my path and purpose, and for a moment, just a moment, I felt as if my own process was being rushed. I finished out my first year grad school, got off academic probation like I will keep saying this okay! I WORKED MY ASS OFF. PERIOD. I was like Goku when he turned ultra instinct during the winter semester and if you don't know you better go watch some Dragon Ball Super.

So going into this spring/summer semester, I thought I knew I had everything planned out! I was going to take two classes and then knock 3 classes out for the Fall and then graduate in April 2019! My plan sounded great too and really I thought that this was a sure fire plan, however it definitely wasn't in God's Plan( no pun intended). I couldn't recieve aid for my classes for this semester and I started to freak out and when I freak out, I FREAK OUT! I'm trying to use EVERY piece of resource in my book but literally nothing or nobody was available to help and I sat there and asked myself, "Am I rushing my own dam process"??

And the answer was Hail Yes! See, I definitely consider myself a stong individual and sometimes even the strong get weak. Thank God for my village though, that hold me down and get me togther because literally God used them as a communication channel to let me know, "Sit yo ass down, Stack Your Coins and continue to grow your business during this season". After meeting with my Director of my Master's Program, he told me the same thing and mapped out my schedule and honeslty, I only have 8 classes left with most of them being independent studies! Listen, your plan and God's plan are sometimes, damn near most of time, two different blueprints.

So to those who are feeling stuck or maybe moving ahead a little fast or maybe even selling yourself short and moving backwards, understand that YOUR process is YOUR process. Don't look at everyone else, including me, and compare where you are to the next person and asking youself, 'Why Am I not there?' It's because your path is different than the next persons and understanding that continuing to move forward even when you don't particularly know your purpose will be your saving grace. Carry along all the hurt , pain, joy, love, anger, etc., all the emotions that you feel carry it with you as you continue to move forward. Crawl before you can walk. Walk before you can sprint. Sprint before you can run, but always move forward. Sometimes moving forward is also knowing when you need to chill and relax when you have worked hard. Know to give yourself time to breath, to enjoy life and live it to the best of your ability. My degree is coming fusho and I understand now that I'm right where I need to be, so 2020 is going to be a great year!

"Understand life as if you're riding a bike...in order to keep your balance, you have to keep moving forward."




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