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Well hello there, wow it has been a minute hasn't it??! If you're returning or a new subscriber to DeVonta's World, WELCOME! Mannnnn, it has been a interesting 4 LONGGG months away from the blog and I can definitely say that I have been having 'Bloggers Fever'. Like I have been itching to get back and start writing again but the big OG upstairs had some other plans and told me that it wasn't time yet..

LISTEN..lol, I was literally sitting counting the time in my head like, "Damn, sheeessshh, is it done?" Lmao, However during that time of re-development, re-construction & re-branding, I really started to focus on myself a lot more and what I really wanted to do with my company and brand. I made list of goals for start of the year and I believed that some of them were 'unattainable', one of them being that I would start to invest in myself, my company and my brand. Yall.. I was scared OUT OF MY MIND!! Like this was some next level type fear bruh. I just got through my first semster of graduate school at that time and I'm sitting there like

Lmao, I'm serious yall I was shook forreal because this was the first time that I was going all in on MYSELF! I was scraed of failure and the thought of that ALMOST stopped me! BUT THE DEVIL THOUGHT HE HAD ME!! Something clicked into my head during that time at the start of the new year and I took that leap of faith and put my money where my mouth is..literally. I'm not going lie, when I started putting money into this and started seeing the transactions in my account, I was shook lol. In my head, I'm just keeping myself posititve like, "Okay OG, this the first step..guide my feet". And he did just that.

Over the past 4 months, I have not only re-developed my company and brand but in the process I re-establised my foundation as well. When you start to walk side-by-side with the Big OG and not ahead of him, the blessings are endless. I have been blessed enough to see growth within myself through the consistentcy and endurance that he has giving me and it's only going up from here! So I want to thank EVERYONE who has stuck with me through this journey because its FARRR from over, this is HUGE accomplishment for me!

So uhhhhh...I hope you packed heavy because this going to be a one hell of a ride!




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