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Embracing my Name ✊🏾

For most of my life up until I got to college and really even past then, people have never ever gotten my name right 🤦🏾‍♂️. My name has been said a million different ways, I mean if I could make a dollar every time somebody was paralyzed in mid-way saying my name, I would be a VERY rich man! 😂 My name is not a common name that you hear everywhere around the community, it’s one those names where people are very like 🤔 or are just too lazy to pronounce it so they try to shorten it. 

Tyronza, the name that nobody can pronounce and that I have been ashamed of for yearssss. When I hear people try to pronounce your name it’s either,  Ty-wan-za,  Ty-Rone-za, or the classic stereotypical lazy version everyone knows, Tyrone! 🙄

It came to point where this would happen for classes, job interviews, events, etc and this was like middle school/high school.

It was at the moment where I just said fuck it and decided for people to just say ‘Ty’. But honestly, I can say now that by doing that my identity was taken away from me. I got fustrated that people couldn’t say this three syllable word, like really 🙄🤔? Then I looked at myself and questioned was I really not expressing my name clearly? Why didn’t I correct them? Why am I letting them just say a piece of ‘me’ instead of the whole me? 

When I started my company, it was Mr.Hicks&Co. because I didn’t want to embrace my name. Yeah, Mr.Hicks is cool and all but being a transparent and straightforward individual means being that with yourself. So over the summer, I started to embrace my name and what it means to me.

Tyronza originated from the indian culture and there was a chief named Chief Tywanza. It was said that he and his tribe lived near Arkansas and that’s where the Tyronza River and Tyronza, Arkansas came to be. Tyronza is a name that is different and I embraced that because I’m different. I dot walk the same path as everyone else and march to beat of my own drum. Tyronza is a name of power. Every time I would say my name after embracing it and even before, it had power behind it. Because of it, employers, peers and others wouldn’t forget me. 

Listen, it took me a LONG time to understand, embrace and love my name. Tyronza Devonta’ Hicks is what my mom decided when she had me. I know there are those out there who have similar experiences with there amazing and unusual name, but this is the time to embrace your name. The power of your name. The Emotion behind what your name stands and who it has grown you to be. Always remember and I’m still learning this myself, ‘Embrace everything about you.’ 




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