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The Transition is Real🤦🏾‍♂️✊🏾

So I went to church today(S/O to The Revolution) and my pastor had his pastor come and preach today. When I tell y’all, I don’t care how many times I miss church, when I make it back the message is always for me. Ever since I got my own place and started grad school, I’ve been feeling ehhhhhh.

As if I’m drifting into the past where I didn’t want to be, I was starting to congratulate myself too much to the point of complacency. I was starting to get too comfortable with the blessings that we’re giving to me. Not moving forward in the work with school or my jobs. Wondering why this transition has been a weird and tough one to understand.

So going back to the message in church today, my pastor’s Pastor spoke about conversion and favor. And as he was talking more and more about the meaning of favor, I started to realize something. I’ve been taking for granted the favor and blessings that my O.G. has brought into my life.

So then, I start to worry and I start to become fearful of failing and not walking in my purpose. Straying away from my path, my purpose, my objective. I start to become doubtful in my abilities. I start to question myself and how far I can go.

However, he reminded me something today while also learning something new in the process. Once you close one door, another will open. But, once you close one door, my O.G. puts in a position to where all your doors all open. I got complacent for hot second and haven’t been doing what I need too as of late. And that’s ok.

This transition has been a real one. I know that they’re are going to be more obstacles facing, this is just one of many in my path to my masters. But as always, it’s time to get back on grind and work three times as harder than I did yesterday and not worry about tomorrow.

I’m learning everyday guys. Each day brings something new understanding and self development. So continue to push through the mental, physical and emotional hurdles that try to block you. I’m right here with ya! Whatever you feel is stopping you, continuing to move forward.




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