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Calling All my Pray Warriors 🙏🏾✊🏾

So, I'm calling on all and I mean ALL my prayer warriors right now. As y'all know, the Big O.G. has definitely been a blessing to me over the past year. I mean, he always been blessing me but he has been for sure opening huge doors after taking even huge risk to close the old ones.

I'm becoming a student again and honestly I'm nervous 😩😩. For me, I know that I'm going to work hard for this awesome blessing that came my way but I'm just nervous. Nervous that maybe I will fail, not fall but fail. Sometimes when so many people smile in your face and then talk down on your name from behind the scenes, it affects you. I don't care what anybody says, it kinda affects your mind a little. 

However, I trust in my higher power and I keep my faith in my purpose. Knowing that people are not going to understand me and my struggle, my strength, my purpose. So yeah, the haters are to going to do what they do, of course. What I'm learning is that when I trust in God more and faith becomes stronger, the devil attacks me harder and harder. 

And the harder he attacks, the harder I push through becomes I know that any trail or tribulation is temporary. So I say this to say guys, understand people will always talk about you, slander your name from behind and even from the front. When people ask me, "What are doing nowadays?" I tell them two simple words, 'I'm Chillin'. 

Because I know the work I putting in for myself and I know my family knows that. For those who slander you, they know how much work you putting in and all you is just keep it pushin' and let the haters hate. Sip your tea/water and you laugh 🤣 and wave👋🏾.  So I'm calling all my pray warriors to pray for my strength with grad school and taking this step and journey in my life. Love y'all 😁!




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