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A Letter to MJ🍃: This is not goodbye, but a See You Later....

For about 8 years now, I have been in a 'committed' situationship with someone who knows me left and right. Who I came to when everything got dark, when everything got depressing, you were my outlet. And that outlet was you, Mary Jane. 

I met you when I was a 16 year old adolescent who didn't even know you existed. I remember my first time meeting you, in the car with my cousin and his friends. You introduce yourself to me and at first I was spectacle about you. The way you looked, smelled, the way you interacted with me. However, after our first encounter, I felt love at first hit. 🤣😘 

From that point on, we became joined at the hip. We started off very rocky in the first few years, because I was still getting adjusted to you and how you operated. At the time during my teens, you made me feel alive, opening my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. Then our relationship went cold when I got to college my first year. I didn't see you as much nor were you trying to find me. It wasn't until my sophomore year that me and you came back to each other. And boyyyyyy when we did, it was like we never left each other. 

Everything was going great, until I started depending on you for everything. EVERYTHING. I talked to you about my problems, my cares, my worries and my concerns. And even though you there temporarily, you were there for me. It felt good, but everything would go back to shit every time you left me. I started to put you over my father, The BIG O.G. upstairs. I started to hear him say, 'Really Ty? 😒 You don't need anything but her? Bet.' And see my father gets ALOT of jealous when  I put something over him.

So I had to make a decision, you or him? Now most people would absoulty say him, but I was under your spell and I couldn't get it out. Or at least thought I couldn't. I started to realize that I wayyy too much energy into you and you didn't give me the same energy back. There to listen, but always leaving me when I truly needed you. 

In that, I found him again. You might like where this is going but here it is: I let you cloud my my mind(literally) to the point where I lost myself and you didn't help me, GOD did. He is my one and only, and whenever I came and cried to him, he never left me. So yes I'm stronger without you, I don't need you at all. 

I'm not saying this is goodbye forever, but this a see you in the near future when I have my mind more focused. Maybe we could start over, idk. But as of right now, you have a good one. I than you for teaching me lessons in my path of being lost. It had gotten me so much closer to my O.G. 

Thank You. 


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